Technology and Security

Leveraging Technology To Secure Client Data

Technology and Security

Superior Technology

Q10 Capital Servicing uses the RealSynergy loan servicing platform. For the last twenty years, RealSynergy has been continually refined to provide a secure processing environment for cash management along with a host of efficiencies to manage everything from due dates for critical servicing items to accurate bank account reconciliations. The RealSynergy team worked with us to customize their Web Loan View product to provide real time access for mortgage bankers and investors to view pertinent components of their loan portfolios. Borrowers also have the ability to access information on their individual loans through this portal.

Additionally, to enhance our efficiency we use a variety of leading software and data sources to analyze company and market data in order to make informed management decisions. Our staff receives on-going and proactive software training with on-site support.

IT Security

Security of borrower and investor data requires aggressive and comprehensive safeguards. To that end, we use two-factor authentication on all of our systems along with password management, malware detection and network encryption systems. All staff is continually trained on the latest IT security practices to avoid misdirection of transactions, catastrophic data breaches and/or destruction of data.

Q10 Capital Servicing’s banking protocols are comprehensive following both regulatory and industry safeguards to ensure security and privacy of client information and data. Our bank, which is a leader in private business banking and wealth management, employs state-of-the-art cyber security systems and proactively monitors client accounts for suspicious activity.

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